Ocular Engine
Ocular::Graphics::TextureDescriptor Struct Reference

#include <TextureDescriptor.hpp>

Public Attributes

uint32_t width
 Width of the texture in pixels.
uint32_t height
 Height of the texture in pixels.
uint32_t mipmaps
 Levels of mipmaps to create. 0 creates an entire mipmap chain, 1 has the single texture level-of-detail, etc.
uint32_t pixelSize
 Size of each pixel in bytes.
TextureType type
 The type of texture.
TextureFormat format
 The format of this texture.
TextureFilterMode filter
 Filtering mode to apply to the texture when rendered.
TextureAccess gpuAccess
 The level of access required by the GPU.
TextureAccess cpuAccess
 The level of access requried by the CPU.

Detailed Description

A generic texture descriptor. Typically supplied to the GraphicsDriver to create the API specific texture instances.

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