Ocular Engine
Ocular::Graphics::RasterState Struct Reference

#include <RasterState.hpp>

Public Attributes

FillMode fillMode
 Determines if triangles are filled during rasterization.
CullMode cullMode
 Determines what type of triangles to cull.
CullDirection cullDirection
 Determines what is considered front/back-facing triangles.
PrimitiveStyle primitiveStyle
 Determines how vertex data is interpreted.
bool enableMultisampling
 Enables/disable RenderTexture antialiasing.
bool enableLineAntialiasing
 Enables line primitive antialiasing.

Detailed Description

State Component Default Value
Fill Mode Solid
Cull Mode Back
Cull Direction Counterclockwise
Primitive Style Triangle List
Enable Multisampling True
Enable Line Antialiasing False

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