Ocular Engine
Ocular::Core::WindowDescriptor Struct Reference

#include <WindowDescriptor.hpp>

Public Attributes

std::string displayName
 Name used for display purposes (such as the title bar)
union {
   uint32_t   width
   uint32_t   xResolution
union {
   uint32_t   height
   uint32_t   yResolution
uint32_t colorBits
uint32_t depthBits
uint32_t stencilBits
WindowDisplayMode displayMode
bool exclusiveMode
bool external
 If true, the window was created externally (ie in Editor) and should not be destroyed.

Detailed Description

Default values:

Dispay Name "Window"
Width 800
Height 600
Color Bits 8
Depth Bits 8
Stencil Bits 8
Display Mode WindowedBordered
Exclusive Mode false

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