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Ocular::Math::Random::MersenneTwister127 Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual void seed (int64_t seed)
virtual uint32_t next ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ocular::Math::Random::ARandom
uint32_t operator() ()
void seed ()
virtual uint32_t next (uint32_t min, uint32_t max)
virtual float nextf (float precision=0.0001f)
virtual float nextf (float min, float max, float precision=0.0001f)
virtual int32_t nextSigned ()
virtual int32_t nextSigned (int32_t min, int32_t max)
virtual uint32_t min ()
virtual uint32_t max ()

Protected Member Functions

void nextState ()
uint64_t temper ()

Protected Attributes

int64_t m_Mat1
int64_t m_Mat2
int64_t m_TMat
std::array< int64_t, 4 > m_Status
- Protected Attributes inherited from Ocular::Math::Random::ARandom
int64_t m_Seed

Member Function Documentation

unsigned Ocular::Math::Random::MersenneTwister127::next ( )

Retrieves the next pseudo-random number (unbounded).

Implements Ocular::Math::Random::ARandom.

void Ocular::Math::Random::MersenneTwister127::seed ( int64_t  seed)

Seeds the PRNG with the specified seed value.


Reimplemented from Ocular::Math::Random::ARandom.

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