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Ocular::Graphics::D3D11UniformBuffer Class Reference

D3D11 implementation of a UniformBuffer (ie Shader Constant Buffer) More...

#include <D3D11UniformBuffer.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Ocular::Graphics::D3D11UniformBuffer:

Public Member Functions

 D3D11UniformBuffer (UniformBufferType type, ID3D11Device *device, ID3D11DeviceContext *context)
virtual void bind () override
virtual void unbind () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ocular::Graphics::UniformBuffer
 UniformBuffer (UniformBufferType type)
void setFixedData (UniformPerFrame const &data)
void setFixedData (UniformPerCamera const &data)
void setFixedData (UniformPerObject const &data)
void setUniform (Uniform const &uniform)
Uniform const * getUniform (std::string const &name) const
Uniform const * getUniform (uint32_t registerIndex) const
std::vector< Uniform > const * getUniforms () const
uint32_t getNumUniforms () const
uint32_t getUniformsSize () const

Protected Member Functions

void packUniformData ()
void packDynamicUniformData ()
void packFixedUniformData ()
void buildD3DBuffer ()
void updateD3DBuffer ()

Protected Attributes

ID3D11Device * m_D3DDevice
ID3D11DeviceContext * m_D3DDeviceContext
ID3D11Buffer * m_D3DBuffer
- Protected Attributes inherited from Ocular::Graphics::UniformBuffer
uint32_t m_Type
bool m_IsDirty
std::vector< Uniformm_Uniforms
 User-friendly copy of Uniform data that is easily modifiable. Strictly CPU-only.
float * m_UniformData
 Raw, packed (16-byte) uniform data. Only modify when m_IsDirty is true and not in use by GPU.
uint32_t m_UniformDataSize
 Size of the raw uniform data.

Detailed Description

D3D11 implementation of a UniformBuffer (ie Shader Constant Buffer)

Member Function Documentation

void Ocular::Graphics::D3D11UniformBuffer::bind ( )

Currently binds automatically to both Vertex and Fragment stages.

The issue here is that the CameraManger is requesting to create UniformBuffer objects inside the main OcularEngine initialization method. But at that point, OcularGraphics has not been fully initialized (only created) as the driver requires a window to have been created to use the HWND during D3D11 setup.

Reimplemented from Ocular::Graphics::UniformBuffer.

void Ocular::Graphics::D3D11UniformBuffer::packUniformData ( )

This method most likely could be placed in the UniformBuffer class. But, there is potentially some very-API specific packing going on here.

For D3D11, everything must be packed along 16-byte registers and this behaviour may or may not be the same for OpenGL (have not yet gotten to writing the GL4 library, and it's been several years since using OpenGL).

If OpenGL ends up having identical requirements, then this method will be migrated to the parent UniformBuffer class.

Here we pack everything along 16-byte sections of the raw data array. This means that padding will need to be added for both single-float uniform values and for Matrix3x3 values.


     float -> {value, padding, padding , padding}

  Vector4f -> {value.x, value.y, value.z, value.w}      (also Color)

Matrix3x3 -> {value[0][0], value[0][1], value[0][2], padding,
              value[1][0], value[1][1], value[1][2], padding,
              value[2][0], value[2][1], value[2][2], padding}

Matrix4x4 -> {value[0][0], value[0][1], value[0][2], value[0][3],
              value[1][0], value[1][1], value[1][2], value[1][3],
              value[2][0], value[2][1], value[2][2], value[2][3],
              value[3][0], value[3][1], value[3][2], value[3][3]}

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