Ocular Engine
Ocular::Graphics::D3D11Texture Class Reference

#include <D3D11Texture.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Ocular::Graphics::D3D11Texture:
Ocular::Graphics::D3D11DepthTexture Ocular::Graphics::D3D11RenderTexture Ocular::Graphics::D3D11Texture2D

Public Member Functions

 D3D11Texture (ID3D11Device *device)
ID3D11Texture2D * getD3DTexture2D ()
ID3D11ShaderResourceView * getD3DShaderResource ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool createD3DTexture2D (TextureDescriptor const &descriptor)
virtual bool createD3DShaderResource (TextureDescriptor const &descriptor)
void refresh (std::vector< Core::Color > &pixels, Graphics::TextureDescriptor const &descriptor)

Protected Attributes

ID3D11Device * m_D3DDevice
ID3D11Texture2D * m_D3DTexture
ID3D11ShaderResourceView * m_D3DShaderResourceView

Detailed Description

Collection of common objects between all D3D11 texture classes.

Member Function Documentation

void Ocular::Graphics::D3D11Texture::refresh ( std::vector< Core::Color > &  pixels,
Graphics::TextureDescriptor const &  descriptor 

Performs a GPU to CPU download of the texture data. Texture data is retrieved from m_D3DTexture and stored in pixels.

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