Ocular Engine
Ocular::Core::WindowManager Class Reference

#include <WindowManager.hpp>

Public Member Functions

std::shared_ptr< AWindowopenWindow (WindowDescriptor const &descriptor)
std::shared_ptr< AWindowconnectWindow (WindowDescriptor const &descriptor, void *windowID)
void closeWindow (UUID const &uuid)
void closeAllWindows ()
std::list< std::shared_ptr< AWindow > > listWindows () const
uint32_t getNumWindows () const
std::shared_ptr< AWindowgetWindow (UUID const &uuid)
std::shared_ptr< AWindowgetWindow (void *osPointer)
std::shared_ptr< AWindowgetMainWindow ()
void setMainWindow (UUID const &uuid)
void updateWindows (int64_t time)

Detailed Description

The WindowManager is responsible for creating and destroying Window instances.
All windows should be requested through the WindowManager and not directly instantiated.

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