Ocular Engine
Ocular::Core::SceneSaver Class Reference

Handles the saving of .oscene files (Ocular Scene) More...

#include <SceneSaver.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool Save (Scene const *scene, File const &file)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool IsValidFile (File const &file)

Detailed Description

Handles the saving of .oscene files (Ocular Scene)

Saves SceneObjects as .oscene files.

As a Scene is not a Resource, this saver is a standalone class separate from the standard loader/saver pattern found within the Resource subsystem.

Member Function Documentation

bool Ocular::Core::SceneSaver::Save ( Scene const *  scene,
File const &  file 

Attempts to save the provided Scene object to the specified .oscene file.

TRUE if saved successfully, else FALSE.

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