Ocular Engine
Ocular::Core::ResourceSaverManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void registerResourceSaver (std::shared_ptr< AResourceSaver > saver)
bool saveResource (Resource *resource, File const &file)
unsigned getNumberOfResourceSavers () const
bool isExtensionSupported (std::string const &extension) const

Member Function Documentation

unsigned Ocular::Core::ResourceSaverManager::getNumberOfResourceSavers ( ) const
The total number of registered ResourceSaver
bool Ocular::Core::ResourceSaverManager::isExtensionSupported ( std::string const &  extension) const
TRUE if the specified extension has an associated ResourceSaver.
void Ocular::Core::ResourceSaverManager::registerResourceSaver ( std::shared_ptr< AResourceSaver saver)

Registers a new resource saver with the manager. Note this this method should generally never be directly called, instead a ReasourceSaverRegistrar should be used instead.

If the manager already has a ResourceSaver registered with the supported extension, then the specified saver will not be used.

saverThe ResourceSaver to register with the manager.
bool Ocular::Core::ResourceSaverManager::saveResource ( Resource resource,
File const &  file 
[in]resourceResource object to be saved to disk
[in]fileA valid resource file

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