Ocular Engine
Ocular::Core::ResourceLoaderManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void registerResourceLoader (std::shared_ptr< AResourceLoader > loader)
bool loadResource (Resource *&resource, File const &file, std::string const &mappingName)
bool loadSubResource (Resource *&resource, File const &file, std::string const &mappingName)
bool exploreResource (File const &file)
unsigned getNumberOfResourceLoaders () const
bool isExtensionSupported (std::string const &extension) const
ResourceType getResourceType (std::string const &extension) const

Member Function Documentation

bool Ocular::Core::ResourceLoaderManager::exploreResource ( File const &  file)

Explores the resource in the specified file.

TRUE if the resource was successfully explored.
unsigned Ocular::Core::ResourceLoaderManager::getNumberOfResourceLoaders ( ) const
The total number of registered ResourceLoaders
ResourceType Ocular::Core::ResourceLoaderManager::getResourceType ( std::string const &  extension) const
The type of resource stored in the specified extension (if any).
bool Ocular::Core::ResourceLoaderManager::isExtensionSupported ( std::string const &  extension) const
TRUE if the specified extension has an associated ResourceLoader.
bool Ocular::Core::ResourceLoaderManager::loadResource ( Resource *&  resource,
File const &  file,
std::string const &  mappingName 

Loads the contents of the specified resource file into the provided Resource if a ResourceLoader is registered to the manager that supports the file extension.

If the resource is NULL, then a new appropriate resource is allocated.

[out]resourceResource object to load the file contents into
[in]fileA valid resource file.
TRUE if the resource was successfully loaded.
bool Ocular::Core::ResourceLoaderManager::loadSubResource ( Resource *&  resource,
File const &  file,
std::string const &  mappingName 

Loads the subresource contained within a MultiResource at the specified file.

[out]resourceThe Resource object of the subresource to load
[in]fileA valid resource file
[in]mappingNameThe mapping name of the individual subresource requested
void Ocular::Core::ResourceLoaderManager::registerResourceLoader ( std::shared_ptr< AResourceLoader loader)

Registers a new resource loader with the manager. Note that this method should generally never be directly called, instead a ReasourceLoaderRegistrar should be used instead.

If the manager already has a ResourceLoader registered with the supported extension, then the specified loader will not be used.

loaderThe ResourceLoader to register with the manager.

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