Ocular Engine
Ocular::Core::CameraManager Class Reference

#include <CameraManager.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void initialize ()
CameragetMainCamera () const
CameragetActiveCamera () const
void setMainCamera (Camera *camera)
void setActiveCamera (Camera *camera)
std::vector< Camera * > const & getCameras () const

Protected Member Functions

void addCamera (Camera *camera)
void removeCamera (Camera *camera)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Camera * > m_Cameras
Graphics::UniformPerCamera m_UniformPerCamera


class Camera

Detailed Description

Responsible for providing quick access to all Camera instances. Also handles Camera rendering and the setting of UniformBuffer values.

Member Function Documentation

void Ocular::Core::CameraManager::addCamera ( Camera camera)

Adds a camera to the internal tracking container. This is called automatically each time that a new camera is created. If it is the only camera tracked, it will be set as the main camera.

Camera * Ocular::Core::CameraManager::getActiveCamera ( ) const

Returns a pointer to the camera that is actively rendering.

Pointer to the active camera. May return NULL if no cameras exist or none are current rendering.
std::vector< Camera * > const & Ocular::Core::CameraManager::getCameras ( ) const
A reference to a vector of all cameras that currently exist. This includes cameras that may not be currently active or in use.
Camera * Ocular::Core::CameraManager::getMainCamera ( ) const

Returns a pointer to the main camera. By default, this is the camera that renders to the primary display's backbuffer.

Pointer to the main camera. May return NULL if no cameras exist
void Ocular::Core::CameraManager::removeCamera ( Camera camera)

Removes a camera from the internal tracking container. This is called automatically each time that a camera is destroyed. If the camera being removed is the main camera, then a new main camera is set (by default, whichever camera no inhabits index 0 of the container). If the camera is marked as the active camera, then m_ActiveCamera is set to NULL.

void Ocular::Core::CameraManager::setMainCamera ( Camera camera)

Sets the main camera.

As the main camera typically has the connotation of being the camera rendering to the primary window's backbuffer, care should be taken when manually setting the main camera.

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